Meet Our Interns

Interns are great for bringing new ideas to any team and help to increase productivity. We are privileged to have three talented interns supporting us this summer. Meet Peyton Meters, Cole Buhler and Zahra Husain. [us_post_image]Meet Peyton Meters, Engagement Intern Q: Tell me about yourself? A: I’m Peyton Meters. I’m Mi’kmaq from the east coast [...]

Using Communications to Create Space for All: Shawna-Kay Thomas

Shawna-Kay Thomas

Shawna-Kay Thomas is pipikwan pêhtâkwan’s Director of Corporate Communications and Culture and has been working with the company since January 2021. For Shawna-Kay, sometimes it can feel like the only escape from the pain of colonialism comes from education – formally through the education system and informally from the media.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Amy Lickers, A.L.L. Professional Services

It’s Indigenous History Month! We’re happy to feature Amy Lickers, owner of A.L.L.Professional Services, who helps First Nations communities define what nationhood means to them, and helps create strategies to bring that vision to life.