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Who We Are

pipikwan pêhtâkwan (pee-pee-gwan pee-tah-gwan) is an Indigenous owned, led and majority staffed public relations agency focused on elevating Indigenous voices, projects and issues.

We primarily serve Indigenous businesses, organizations and communities to bring their voices to the mainstream media and general public, while ensuring Indigenous Peoples maintain ownership of their initiatives and stories.

We are investing in Youth to build capacity in their communities. Whether they stay with us or move on – it is of great benefit and helps us lift up Indigenous Peoples across Turtle Island.  We are building with seven generations in mind.

The pipikwan pêhtâkwan team prides ourselves as helpers who understand the barriers and know the language that resonates with our peoples. We collaborate with our partners to build communications strategies that work for Indigenous communities.

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Our Services

Communication Strategies

pipikwan pêhtâkwan can provide thorough strategic communications and marketing plans, and then deliver on the tactics for your next project, campaign or event.

Media Relations & Training

No need to panic, we’ve got you. pipikwan pêhtâkwan will help navigate media pitches, inquiries, and announcements for your organization. Our training will give you the skills required to take media calls into your own hands and prepare for on-camera or over-the-phone interviews.

Creative Development & Production

Visual tools are so important in helping tell a story. pipikwan pêhtâkwan offers a full range of creative development and production management services for your next project.

Digital Marketing

Need help with your online content? We can assist in developing channels, planning engaging content, and reaching out in a variety of ways to attract your audience.


With so many ways to communicate today, it’s important to know you’re reaching your audience effectively – analyzing and reporting the information is exactly how we can make sure your communication strategy is working right for you.

Reconciliation and Decolonization Strategies

We will help your organization or community respectfully work with Indigenous Peoples and communities through decolonization and reconciliation strategies.


We can lead and/or support your engagement efforts with all communities, stakeholders and partners. We engage through a “nothing about us, without us” approach focused on equity and justice. We engage by inviting people to the table, encouraging them to participate, while also being critical of who created the structures, policies and institutions before us.


We understand the importance of building capacity in Indigenous communities to engage in their communities. Additionally, we want to provide the tools to non-Indigenous people who want to work more effectively and respectfully with Indigenous Peoples.

Our Vision

Indigenous communities sharing their truths and stories as equals

Our Mission

Amplify Indigenous voices and experiences in the media and to the general public

Our Values

We are transformational.

We influence systems not just projects. We look to create positive change impacting Indigenous people, organizations, communities.

We are courageous.

People and organizations do not come to us for mediocre results. We exemplify this value by ensuring we are unconventional and taking initiative to make a positive difference.

We are sustainable.

Through our work, our choices, and our connections we continually respect our relationship with the land.

We are humble.

Before speaking, acting, or reacting, listen then seek to understand. We exemplify this value by being respectful in our conversations, in our meetings, and in our relationships with clients and our teams.

We share our strengths.

We recognize and amplify the strengths of each other and the people, communities, and organizations we work with.

Our Team

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