Black History Month Employee Feature – Deidre Thomas

Q: What does a day look like in your life as a Communications Advisor at pipikwan pêhtâkwan?

A: Not everyday is the same, which I like! After our invigorating morning team meetings, I go through my emails and run through my calendar for the day/week. I draft communications plans, copy for communications assets, assist with internal communications and participate in client/discovery meetings or following up with clients. During times when we host events, I support logistics. 

Q: What do you enjoy most about your role?

A: I love the flexibility and creativity of using my writing and research skills to bring communications plans to life. I love learning about clients needs and goals and utilizing my creative writing skills to develop key messaging aligning to their organizational goals and identity. 

Q: What’s the most important part of Black History Month to you?

A: Black History for me is not just a month but an opportunity to learn about our history and culture all year round. I love learning about my history and culture and also the achievements, milestones and accomplishments of Black people today! It’s exciting and makes me feel proud to be Black and celebrate this representation.

Q: How will you be celebrating Black History Month?

A: I am a huge National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Gymnastics fan so I’ll be watching the women of Fisk University compete this season and in the month of February as the first HBCU (Historically black colleges and universities) gymnastics team in the NCAA! I love seeing beautiful, talented and athletic Black women who look like me compete fearlessly in college gymnastics! It’s absolutely beautiful!  I am also a huge fan of top black female collegiate gymnasts such as, Trinity Thomas, Derrian Gobourne, Arianna Patterson and Kiya Johnson!

Q: Who is an inspirational Black figure and why?

A: Simone Biles! She’s an athlete but has managed to set the bar high in women’s gymnastics while facing adversity for her out of this world talent! She’s inspired so many little Black girls to follow in her footsteps and pursue gymnastics! She is a true inspiration for me.

Q: Tell us about a memorable moment is Black history that influenced or shaped your career/life.

A: When President Biden named Karine Jean-Pierre as the first Black female White House Press Secretary. I was proud to see a Black woman in communications representing the White House and the President in a high-level capacity.

Q: Tell us about one of your favourite aspects of Black culture.

A: Everything! I believe we are the blueprint and the trendsetters of fashion, food, music, athletics, language, arts- the list goes on! I love our strength, tenacity and grit even when facing adversity. Someway, somehow, we always end up on top as a people!

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