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pipikwan pêhtâkwan is an Indigenous owned, led and majority staffed public relations agency focused on elevating Indigenous voices, projects and issues. We primarily serve Indigenous businesses, organizations and communities to bring their voices to the mainstream media and general public, while ensuring Indigenous Peoples maintain ownership of their initiatives and stories. The pipikwan pêhtâkwan team prides themselves as helpers who understand the barriers and know the language that resonates with our peoples. We collaborate with our partners to build communications and engagement strategies that work for Indigenous communities.

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As this agency is focused on working with Indigenous communities, preference will be given to Indigenous or persons of colour or people with extensive experience working with Indigenous communities.

A competitive benefits package included. Benefits for full-time, permanent staff include paid vacation, personal days, flexible work schedules, remote work from home, health insurance, paid Friday’s off and a collaborative and supportive team culture.

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Send resume and cover letter to tansi@pipikwanpehtakwan.com.

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